Web Design in Nepal


Web Design in Nepal



Prime IT Sewa is the best for web design in Nepal, the website is the major role in every business.

Business without a website it’s not perfect, Nowadays,

it’s not possible to increase more income and sales by the traditional method.


Website is a method and getaway for business and another propose, nobody wants to visit the local market and spend time, web design would be an opportunity for your business.


The website represents your business, you need to design your perfect and awesome website,

if your website is not perfect and user-friendly then it would harm.


Prime IT dedicate to web design in Nepal

We are best for web design in Nepal and beautiful graphic user interface, We can deeply understand your business requirement to implement on your website design.

Web design should be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, without an SEO friendly website can’t be reached on Google search.


Most important features on web design.

SEO Friendly URL.

The website should be URL friendly, URL is the Uniform Resource Locator, it means URL identity located all files and data on the website, URL is the more important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) according to the web URL, Google and another search engine will index and display on the search result page.

Without SEO or if not find on google and another search engine while search then it does not value your website.


What should be website design propose? definitely, business promotion, increase sales, Income, Branding, Information, News and broadcasting, personal and more, it means to need the viewer to view the website.

If the viewer or visitor comes in the website then what should be action? what should be conversion? and more thing. website design most user-friendly, clear and fair to understand what’s proposed website for.


User experience design and interactive design.

Should understand user experience and attractive with flexibility design, most are represented to the business propose on your web and easy to access.

Design or Graphic user interface is the major role in the web design, it’s more chance to increase the conversion.


Marketing and communication design.

Your Website is your business profile and it’s the only tool for online marketing and branding method, web design should be the capability for marketing and communication to customer or visitors.



Bater and best website should be typographical to every section and action for high conversion, it helps to reach the goal.


Motion Graphics

Nowadays it’s important for more attraction and best presentation, Motion Graphics helps easy to understand your propose.


Quality of code

Quality code is important for SEO and web maintenance, Low-quality code wouldn’t be possible to optimize on search engine and no one changes easily any changes.


Homepage design

The home page is more important than others, home page represents your goal, business type, propose, so without batter homepage doesn’t work additional effort.