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e-commerce web design in nepal

Prime IT Sewa: Your Trusted Partner for E-commerce Web Design in Nepal

While a website is your online storefront, it's just the first step.

Running a successful e-commerce business requires a comprehensive strategy and ongoing management.


At Prime IT Sewa, we're more than just e-commerce web designers – we're your trusted partner for building and empowering your online presence.

We've earned the trust of numerous clients by delivering exceptional e-commerce web design solutions.


Whether you're starting a personal store, a single-vendor platform, or a multi-vendor marketplace, we have the expertise to tailor a solution that meets your specific needs.

e-commerce web design in Nepal
e-commerce website design in Nepal

E-commerce web Design Best Solution!

We don’t just do e-commerce web design in Nepal; we also provide expert consulting to help you design the perfect e-commerce website. 


Choosing the right platform and technology is crucial for success – the wrong choices can cost you significant time and money.


Not just anyone can create a successful e-commerce website.


It requires expertise to implement features that make your site business-friendly, SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and generate a high return on investment.


Ongoing quality support and management are also essential.


There are many reasons why investing in top-notch e-commerce web design is essential for your growing business.

E-commerce Web Design Price in Nepal

We offer top-quality e-commerce websites at very affordable prices.


Our websites are lightning-fast loading, and we help you achieve your dream of launching and growing your business online.


Choose one of our plans and order today!


Buy Ready e-commerce store
25651 Life Time
  • Website Price:- Rs.7000/-
  • Hosting with cPanel:- Rs.4000/-
  • Domain:- Rs.1700/-
  • Support:- Rs.3000/-
  • Setup:- Rs.7000/-
  • 13% VAT:- Rs.2951/-
  • Secure (SSL):- Rs.0/-
  • Business Emails:- Rs.0/-

Starter Plan

Get Good Design
34691 Life Time
  • Website Price:- Rs.15000/-
  • Hosting with cPanel:- Rs.4000/-
  • Domain:- Rs.1700/-
  • Support:- Rs.3000/-
  • Setup:- Rs.7000/-
  • 13% VAT:- Rs.3991/-
  • Secure (SSL):- Rs.0/-
  • Business Emails:- Rs.0/-

Standard Plan

Get Batter Design
45991 Life Time
  • Website Price:- Rs.25000/-
  • Hosting with cPanel:- Rs.4000/-
  • Domain:- Rs.1700/-
  • Support:- Rs.3000/-
  • Setup:- Rs.7000/-
  • 13% VAT:- Rs.5291/-
  • Secure (SSL):- Rs.0/-
  • Business Emails:- Rs.0/-

Pro Plan

Get Best Design
57291 Life Time
  • Website Price:- Rs.35000/-
  • Hosting with cPanel:- Rs.4000/-
  • Domain:- Rs.1700/-
  • Support:- Rs.3000/-
  • Setup:- Rs.7000/-
  • 13% VAT:- Rs.6591/-
  • Secure (SSL):- Rs.0/-
  • Business Emails:- Rs.0/-

Faster Launch

Get your online store up and running quickly with our streamlined development process.


Enjoy a wide range of features to support your e-commerce needs, including product management, secure payment gateways, and shipping integrations.


Easily adapt your website as your business grows, adding new features and functionality whenever needed.

Affordable Excellence

This plan provides a high-quality, feature-rich website at a budget-friendly price.

We Don't Compromise on Quality:


At Prime IT Sewa, we believe in creating top-notch e-commerce websites that deliver results. We use best practices and ensure everything is optimized for performance and user experience.

E-commerce Future and Growth in Nepal

Global E-commerce Facts

  1. Market Size and Growth:

    • In 2023, global e-commerce sales reached an estimated $6.3 trillion.
    • By 2026, they’re projected to surpass $8.1 trillion.
  2. Mobile Powerhouse:

    • Nearly 80% of all retail website visits globally came from smartphones in late 2023.
    • Smartphones generate a majority of online orders compared to desktops and tablets, especially in regions with limited access to traditional computers.
  3. Popular Categories:

    • The fashion retail e-commerce market is the biggest globally, estimated at $760 billion in 2023.
    • It is followed by consumer electronics and toys & hobby segments[^Statista].
  4. Payment Preferences:

    • Credit cards remain the most preferred payment method globally, accounting for over 53% of e-commerce transactions in 2023.
    • Digital payment systems (43%) and debit cards (38%) are also gaining traction[^Statista].
  5. Emerging Trends:

    • Nearly 50% of global consumers are open to making purchases through a website’s chatbot, highlighting the growing importance of conversational commerce and AI integration.
  6. Looking Ahead:

    • Studies suggest that by 2040, a staggering 95% of all purchases might be made online, signifying a massive shift towards online retail.
E-commerce Global Facts

E-commerce in Nepal: Facts and Features

  1. Market Size and Growth:

  2. Number of Businesses:

    • Approximately 10,000 e-commerce businesses operate in Nepal.
  3. Growth Rate:

  4. Top E-commerce Categories:

    • Electronics: Largest market segment (23.5% of revenue).
    • Hobby & Leisure: 20.9%.
    • Fashion: 18.7%.
    • Furniture & Homeware: 11.7%.
    • Grocery: 9.1%.
    • Care Products: 8.3%.

DIY: 7.7%1.

E-commerce Revenue Growth in Nepal (in %):

e-commerce growth in Nepal

E-Commerce Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

eCommerce business depends only on the website, so without a website, it's not possible to do eCommerce Business, in the first step that we recommend if you just have little bit business idea on this business and you don't have enough investment then choose the best and cheap e-commerce website, WooCommerce website will be powerful to make full features with beautiful design and cheap price than custom website design.

  1. You need to choose a business-friendly and budget-friendly eCommerce website
  2. You need to best website design company to fulfil your first requirement and long term-based IT support.
  3. declare all about plan and feature with IT Company, (Prime IT Sewa)
  4. Be Clear the Frontend design with a special section.
  5.  make good relation to exquisite more workout and benefits.
  • Make sure the products or vendors strategy.
  • Inspect competitors
  • Plan your budget
  • Choose eCommerce CMS
  • Decide upon a unique look design or ready-made template
  • Examine current design trends
  • Find the appropriate development team
  • Make „use-cases”
  • Create wireframe mockups
  • Do not want everything on startup!
  • Make your smooth website
  • Responsive for mobile, tablet.
  • Product Buying System.
  • Product full information, details zooming.
  • Checkout process
  • Customer Dashboard with full information like history, buying details, account management etc.
  • order management system.
  • Inventory management system.
  • much more tests you can do.