Website Design Price in Nepal

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It’s the really good things to know the website design price in Nepal before the start your new website, a lot of companies offers the different type of website prices, specially web price depends on the features and services but we will show the price that is the actual for popular website.

Website Price as per website Design types.

Before knowing the website price in Nepal, let’s understand first little bit website types and features because that helps you to find right price with best features.

note:- this website price is based on Nepali web design markets so, it could be different according to the country like USA, UK Canada, in Nepal website design price is cheap, so anyone can get or make at this price form around the world, specially prime IT Sewa is the best web design company in Nepal.

Website Design Types.

Mainly website has 2 types of website design not website type, only design type, it mean, there are two types of way to web development or design that is Custom and CMS, let’s understand it.

What is Custom Web Design?

Custom website design is web design process that start from zero, mean, everything form beginning, but there are also available pre-build framework, like PHP on Laravel, Python on Django, and Bootstrap on Design HTML CSS, kind of things.

These kind of framework is really good and helpful for developer and customer, that makes more powerful system and fast work to get right result website.

What is CMS Web Design?

CMS (Content Management System) website design mean, it’s the pre-build system, which has already has some features or functionality to make work fast and easy, example WordPress, WordPress is the World’s best popular and powerful CMS that really make fast and good website, there are another CMS for the different purpose.

WordPress Specially used for Blogging, News, Personal, Corporate, Business, Hotel, not the heavy system and features, but nowadays, WordPress widely used for WooCommerce, mean eCommerce website or online shopping sites, it’s the really good and fast with unlimited features at cheap price.

There are another CMS in the market with different purpose, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify for the e-Commerce purpose, and Joomla CMS is like a WordPress.

Website Design Price in Nepal

Website TypesCMS Starts PriceCustom Start Price
Personal NPR         15,000.00 NPR             40,000.00
Basic NPR           7,777.00 NPR             25,000.00
Normal NPR         13,000.00 NPR             13,000.00
Informative NPR         33,000.00 NPR             75,000.00
Business Profile Website NPR         45,000.00 NPR           100,000.00
Travel Basic NPR         35,000.00 NPR             90,000.00
Travel Package Online Booking NPR         70,000.00 NPR           150,000.00
eCommerce basic NPR         45,000.00 NPR           150,000.00
eCommerce Best NPR         95,000.00 NPR           250,000.00
NGO INGO NPR         35,000.00 NPR             75,000.00
Corporate NPR         55,000.00 NPR           100,000.00
Package Subscribtion or Buy with payment getaway NPR         45,000.00 NPR           150,000.00
Business Showcase NPR         45,000.00 NPR             75,000.00
Products Showcase NPR         45,000.00 NPR             75,000.00
Services Showcase NPR         45,000.00 NPR             75,000.00
Blogging NPR         15,000.00 NPR             40,000.00
Profession NPR         55,000.00 NPR             90,000.00
artist, musician NPR         45,000.00 NPR             90,000.00
News & Media NPR         55,000.00 NPR           150,000.00

Note:- Our Suggestion is, If your website is not high scalable or not require more advance features then always choose CMS for the cheap price.

How to Choose CMS and Custom Website Design Type?

Custom Website design for who has large saleable website like eCommerce, Software (Hotel Management Software), System, unique advances features etc. that needs the custom website.

If your website doesn’t preform those kind of things and only for booking, buying products also e-commerce, news-media, subscription packages then CMS – Specially WordPress is the best, If you choose the CMS for e-Commerce like Magento, OpenCart, Shopify then it will be high-scalable with less price, WooCommerce in WordPress is also good.

If you want to develop like Khalti, E-Sewa, PayPal, Blockchain then you need to have your own IT Team for more high-scalable features.