What is Static Website Design?


What is Static Website Design?



It’s so simple to understand, what is static website design?

The static website builds in HTML and CSS also used JavaScript, if you don’t know HTML, CSS JavaScript not problem, it’s a web design technology and it’s the major role in web design.

In simple language, Static website is not changeable, you can’t access and update, edit, delete your content and images.

It only displays your provided information as like your business, personal information.

Static Web Design

before the dynamic website needs to be a static website then possible to connect with database and programming or dynamic website.


It’s also called Web design not web development and it’s the root on web technology.


Who can use Static website?

Anyone can use but especially for how not need to change content, image, edit update delete and more thing, so Small business, personal info so on.


What about static website effect for SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) doesn’t matter your Dynamic or Static, SEO matter only website URL and content if your website is dynamic then will be converted on like static while SEO optimization (indexing….).


Cost for Static website.

It’s the cheapest than dynamic because there is not any programming and logic on the website.


duration for static website design.

It also depends on features and pages, normally static website approximately in a day and more.


How to update if some changes on Static website?

If you haven’t any knowledge on HTML and CSS then you need to contact who provided you, but it’s easy and simple.


Static website benefit

It’s the cheapest and it’s the basic web development step so it can do anyone.

It’s run fast and easy do design.



Can I change my static website to dynamic in future?

off course, without static website not possible to develop Dynamic website.